How Much?

Happy Birthday dog

The Improv Poet makes people feel special
Bringing laughter and cheer to everyone!

A virtual personalized improv poetry experience
šŸ§For adult or child is $145

A virtual personalized improv poetry experience
šŸŽ‚Plus a magic trick about the guest of honor for adult or child $225

A 30 minute virtual birthday experience kid’s (5 and up)
šŸ°Magic and interactive birthday poem $325

MultipleĀ virtual personalized poems for guests starting at $395

Call 800-810-8802 or
(Outside United States and Canada call 720-323-7610)

“My family and I truly enjoyed the show. Amy put everything together so well and gave a great improv. We laughed and enjoyed every min. She a pleasure to work with too.” -Natosha k., Palmdale, CA

“I was overjoyed at the experience we had with the North Pole Poet Laureate (Improv Poet)! She was experienced, professional and most of all extremely talented! Everyone who received an improv poem couldn’t stop talking about them and sharing them with each other. I will definitely be having her back in the future. Overall a wonderful experience!” -Linda A., Salvage Design Center