Appreciation & Laughter for Mother’s Day! (Also Birthdays)

Amazing Virtual Mother’s Day & Birthdays?
The Interactive Poet!


Have guests smiling, laughing
And jumping out of their virtual seats.
Birthday Poet Amy will perform an impromptu poem about the guest of honor.


Call 800-810-8802 or
(Outside United States and Canada call 720-323-7610)


“Amy was Fantastic!!! The kids loved her. I am very thankful for such a talented person. Thank you again Amy!”  -Eddie R., Aurora, CO


“Amy was fantastic and we got great feedback from our customers! They thanked us for having her come into the store! A very fun event. Amy is so outgoing!! Some pet parents even cried, because they loved what she said about their furry babies!”  -Joanie N., Englewood, CO


What does an Improv Poet Do?
(Clips from in-person)

7 thoughts on “Appreciation & Laughter for Mother’s Day! (Also Birthdays)

  1. Hi Amy,
    checked it out tonight and i love you’re poetry…the one for the little girl about snow white was wonderful!…it’s such a kindhearted thing you’re doing…thanks for letting me know…

  2. I enjoyed meeting you at the North Powder Huckleberry Street Dance. If you are in the area I would enjoy seeing you perform your gift.

  3. I am glad to see you out there doing your thing. You have a lot to share with people and are an inspiration to many.

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