Laughter and Fun for Birthdays, etc!

Want an Amazing Poetic Birthday?
Bring Virtual Improv Poet!


Have guests smiling, laughing
Dancing and jumping out of their virtual seats.
Improv Poet Amy will perform an impromptu poem about the guest of honor.


Call 800-810-8802 or
(Outside United States and Canada call 720-323-7610)


“Amy was Fantastic!!! The kids loved her. I am very thankful for such a talented person. Thank you again Amy!”  -Eddie R., Aurora, CO


“Amy was fantastic and we got great feedback from our customers! They thanked us for having her come into the store! A very fun event. Amy is so outgoing!! Some pet parents even cried, because they loved what she said about their furry babies!”  -Joanie N., Englewood, CO


What does an Improv Poet Do?
(Clips from in-person)

7 thoughts on “Laughter and Fun for Birthdays, etc!

  1. Hi Amy,
    checked it out tonight and i love you’re poetry…the one for the little girl about snow white was wonderful!…it’s such a kindhearted thing you’re doing…thanks for letting me know…

  2. I enjoyed meeting you at the North Powder Huckleberry Street Dance. If you are in the area I would enjoy seeing you perform your gift.

  3. I am glad to see you out there doing your thing. You have a lot to share with people and are an inspiration to many.

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